• About Company

    Telmate provides inmate communication services and crime investigation tools for law enforcement.

  • Roles

    Over the course of 2 1/2 years, I had the opportunity to lead visual improvement work for a variety of platforms. I worked alongside a talented team of designers, developers, and engineers.

Communication Design

GettingOut (Mobile Web)

Concept created for Marketing Team. The goal was to introduce the new GettingOut brand, encourage engagement, and convert new users.

Interaction Design & Prototyping

Investigator Player

What is it?

A tool that helps facility staff monitor communication between caller and recipient. It elminates and handles PIN theft, unauthorized calls, unauthorized visit participants, and suspected 3-way calls.


In an effort to improve the investigator player, Telmate Engineers explored adding voice biometric technology. They required visual design assistance. 👩🏾‍🎨

Sketches from Engineer


Our collaborative design sessions encouraged valuable ideas to surface.
And on demo day, we presented a prototype that paved the way for Telmate Face & Voice Biometrics. (Now available in Telmate Command.)

Visual Design

Telmate Command

What is it?

The hub of the communications platform for jail facility staff. It gives the staff complete control of inmate communication and account management.


Working on a platform that is constantly improving can take a toll on the interface. We're talking - unclear clickable elements, hidden actions, and unclear icons to name a few.


To bring consistency and personality to the interface, I performed a design audit.
And based on my findings, I created a design concept that showcased improved UI and usability.
The concept received support from developers and approval from stakeholders. And it lead the style direction for Telmate Command.



GettingOut App (Android)



GettingOut Dashboard