• Web & Mobile App Designer [Dothan, AL, Mar 2016 - Present]
  • Created presentations and logo concepts for an up-and-coming startup
  • Performed ux & design audits on existing sites
  • Researched and recommended user interface patterns for existing sites
  • Created wireframes, visual designs, and hi-fi prototypes for a photo sharing web app
  • Created a clickable prototype to illustrate key flows and interactions for a mobile device management system
  • Clients: Leade.rs, Pigeonly


  • Sr. UI Designer, UI Designer [San Francisco, CA / Dothan, AL, May 2013 - Nov 2015]
  • Helped create and work within a brand ( GettingOut ) that encapsulated a type of people who need hope and edifying ways to connect with their incarcerated loved ones
  • Designed for low-literate and low-tech savvy users
  • Established visual direction - Telmate tablet apps and Telmate Command
  • Created interactive prototypes for the mobile team and executives to present design concepts
  • Collaborated with engineering to refine the user experience
  • Worked on the product design team - ideating and implementing ux/ui solutions for an enterprise web application - Telmate Command
  • Collaborated with product design team and restructured the GettingOut (Deposit) transaction flow which generated in a $14k per day increase of users depositing money
  • Designed the flagship iOS app for GettingOut (a communication and photo posting app for 300,000 users) and carried the new brand over to the Android app


  • UX Designer [Palo Alto, CA, Nov 2012 - May 2013]
  • Worked on TXU Energy - an energy provider based in the deregulated market of Dallas, TX
  • Balanced operations and product development requirements with project needs and user goals
  • Identify and solve design problems
  • Create new functionality through wireframes and annotation


  • Web Designer [Dothan, AL, Jan 2010 - Dec 2012]
  • Created wireframes and visual designs for local and national clients
  • Clients: BattleStations Gaming, Fellowship Church, MidSouth Bank, LMC Manufacturing, Martin Environmental Services, Wiregrass Children’s Home, Cox Pools, American Self Storage, Marcus Tankard

Hi, I'm Chelsea!
I design web and mobile applications.
Elevating the user experience and a product's functionality is my top priority.

I have 10+ years experience creating solutions (in different mediums) for a variety of clients.
These experiences have nurtured my passion for meaningful digital media and creating for those who need it most.
I’m originally from (and currently based in) Southern Alabama, so I have nice manners, tons of sweet charm and a love for good-good food.

Specialties: Web Design, User Interface Design, User Experience, Wireframing, Prototyping, Mobile Design, Visual Design, HTML5 (if paid in cookies), CSS3 (ditto)

Looking for new opportunities to grow my skills in:
- User Experience
- Marketing & Branding
- Other fun digital and non-digital mediums :)

Contact me with any questions, freelance and job opportunities at chelsea [at] this domain [dot ] com