Gatherly πŸ”—

Virtual event platform for connecting and engaging with people and communities.
✌🏾My role: Main designer for the video chat and event management platform.

Reducing Complexity in the Event Onboarding Experience (Slide Deck)*


Restructuring the Chat Experience (Slide Deck)


Additional Product Updates


*Floor map designs by Lulu Gao

Orion Labs πŸ”—

Voice-first communication platform for deskless & frontline teams.
✌🏾My role: Lead designer for the web-based push-to-talk platform.

πŸ“Œ Chelsea Note!

The CIO Review selected the platform for its ability to streamline frontline communications across a distributed workplace environment "10 Most Promising Unified Communications Solutions" (2022).

Modernizing Push-to-Talk (Slide Deck)

Orion Labs

Dashboard Concept*

Orion Labs

Group Details Concept

Orion Labs

Settings Concept*

Orion Labs

*Line illustrations by Toni Chen

Legal Associations Management (LAM)

Legal marketing solutions for legal associations.
✌🏾My role: Main designer for the member-driven organization website.

Introducing User-Focused Methods to a Membership Organization (Case Study)

Version: Long-form | Slide Deck


Previous things

Candi Controls (acquired by AltairπŸ”—)

Cloud-based monitoring and control services.
✌🏾My role: Main designer for the IoT device management platform.

Device Diagnostic Alerts (Slide Deck)

Candi - New Feature

Improving Dashboard and Navigation UI

Candi - Dashboard

Pigeonly πŸ”—

Inmate communication services.
✌🏾My role: Main designer for the photo sharing web app and the mobile device management platform.

Improving the Checkout Experience (Slide Deck)

Pigeonly - Checkout Experience

MDM for Correctional Facilities (Slide Deck)


Telmate πŸ”—

Inmate communications and crime investigation tools.
✌🏾My role: Lead the design direction of Telmate Command, prototype new features, and lead the design of friends and family experience.

Establishing Creative Direction and Improving Existing Tools (Slide Deck)


Dashboard Concept

Dashboard Concept

Kiosk - Quick Deposit - Concept

Kiosk - Quick Deposit - Concept

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