Orion Labs

About Company

TLDR: we make smart walkie-talkies! 😎

Orion Labs is the leader in voice-activated business communication and automation for the mobile, frontline workforce.

With a focus on hospitality, transportation, logistics, and field services, we provide cloud-based enterprise services including alert workflows, indoor positioning, geofencing, language translation, Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE) compliance checklists, and more.

Design Goal

To make voice products and services more valuable, usable, and useful for people requiring constant communication with their teams.

Time Period

Jan 2019 - April 2020

The Product Team

  • Head of Product
  • Product/Program Manager
  • UI/UX Mobile Product Manager
  • UI Designer 👋🏾
    In this role, I was responsible for:
    • Discussing the “what and why” with the Product team to better inform my design decisions. Syncing with the engineering team to discuss interactions, implementation phases, and also ways to ensure happy user experiences.
    • Choosing appropriate levels of fidelity (and interactivity) at each point in a design project, from quick sketches to highly polished visual prototypes.


  • Led the design of Orion’s Dispatch Console which enables the selling of the platform to more enterprise and public safety customers.
  • Responsible for the current and future aesthetic of everything that comes out of the Orion Command Center.

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