Assume the point of view of a non-profit hoping to improve the outcomes of young people (18-25) who are seeking information on legal protections against domestic violence. (Mobile-first perspective)



  • What is this site for?
  • What actions can users complete here?
  • What is the most important information users care about?
  • Is there any concern about privacy?
  • What do people like or dislike about the site?


In order to gain background knowledge into domestic violence and the data available to design with, I researched sites geared towards domestic violence law and support groups.



Navigation & Information Architecture

  • No easy way to EXIT site to avoid suspicion
  • Cumbersome navigation
  • Broken links

Page Layout

  • Information overload
  • Unfocused layout
  • Not easy to read or digest
  • Unorganzied content
  • Content not engaging
  • Not mobile friendly

Visual Design

  • Site not pleasant to look at
  • Site doesn’t feel secure or concerned about users safety
  • Site doesn’t feel tailored. Feels sterile and generic...lonely


18 years old
High School Senior
Lives in suburban area with mother
Works part-time
22 years old
Line cook
Lives with a friend
23 years old
DJ/Club promoter
Lives with older sibling
Just broke up with on/off partner
Situation Situation Situation
Has a college boyfriend - the relationship has gotten super ugly He witnesses his friend’s “toxic” relationship.
Has broken up shouting matches and fights
Received a restraining order
“I’m in an abusive relationship.” “My friend is in an abusive relationship,
how do I help him and respect his privacy?”
“I am an abuser.”
Needs Needs Needs
Search for simple, quick and accurate information Learn about domestic violence and what services are available Help responding to a restraining order
Help finding a restraining order and next steps; remain anonymous Read about the laws that can protect a victim of abuse
Tech Expertise Level & Use Tech Expertise Level & Use Tech Expertise Level & Use
Social media savvy Social media savvy, Foodie Blogger Social media savvy, booking sites
Mobile, Desktop (school) Mobile all the way Mobile, Desktop


Use Case File a restraining order
Basic Flow After experiencing an ugly altercation with her boyfriend,Lisa decides to file a restraining order.
She’s in a rush because she has to go to work.
She 'googles' from her phone “how to file a restraining order”.
She scans the list of search results.
She ignores WikiHow/Quora and scans for legal or government sites.
She navigates to a result, but it is informational and doesn’t provide forms.
She returns to the search results.
She finds a law site that links to her state’s ‘order of protection forms’.
Alt Flow 1 If she has to head to work now, she bookmarks the page
Alt Flow 2 If she shares her phone with her ex, she’ll remember what she searched for and waits until she gets to work to print the form out
Use Case Learn about domestic violence and laws that can protect a victim of abuse
Basic Flow Becoming really concerned about his friend’s relationship, Jeremy wants to learn about domestic violence and protective laws.
He wants to respect his friend but also learn of ways to show support.
He also wants to be prepared...just in case.
He googles on his phone “how can I help a friend who is being abused”.
Jeremy views and bookmarks many websites.
On one site, Jeremy spots a 1 on 1 chat. He asks a few questions.
Alt Flow 1 If the chat is unavailable in his timezone, he’ll check back again.
Use Case Respond to a restraining order
Basic Flow Kelly has a restraining order against her, but wants to tell her side of the story.
She googles from her laptop “respond to a restraining order.”
Just as she begins her search, she has to leave for an appointment.
She drives to her destination and while she waits in the lobby she googles from her mobile device.
Her name is called, so she bookmarks the page.
When she returns home, she opens the bookmark from her desktop.
She prints the documents out.


Site Name Digestible Find Topics Easy Exit Easy Nav Up-to-date Mobile Secure
Women's Law Y Y Y N N N Y
House of Ruth N Y Y/N Y N N N
Tech Safety (app) Y Y Y/N Y Y Y N



Based on my research, personas, use cases, competitive analysis, I noticed the same painpoints and patterns:

  • Lack of empathy for the user’s emotional state
  • Not interactive and engaging especially for such a young audience
  • Hard to navigate especially if I’m on a mobile and if I am running errands
  • Doesn’t look/feel secure; lacks ability to cover user’s web activity
  • Firehose-like content
  • Lacks content hierarchy
  • Lack of guidance/steps
  • Lack community and support


  • Mobile friendly
  • Appeal to all walks of life
  • Simple and clear
  • Concise and consistent navigation structure
  • Clear paths to important info
  • Warm tone of voice
  • Scannable headings and titles
  • High sense of security


Engaging navigational guide

  • For users who don’t know where to start or need help finding information

Robust live chat experience

  • Real-time lawyer chat via human or AI
    • Copilot.AI (AI powered live chat) - can help lawyer/advocate during live chat. When unavailable, AI will answer.
    • Rocket.Chat - open source web chat platform

Interactive Tools and Quizzes

  • Help users better understand domestic violence and laws through: illustrations, animations, self assessments, quizzes, and video how-tos





Received constructive feedback and also thought of new features:

  • Took into consideration the suggestion for bringing the navigation forward - showcasing the subjects/needs on the homescreen
  • Referring back to the design criteria "warm tone of voice", I thought it would be helpful to have a focused video of someone who has been through this situation before -- having someone waiting for the User, showing support and helping the User feel less alone.
  • Read time - enables Users to know how long it will take to read article.